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Modern Names from the Modern Family

Looking for a fun name for your soon-to-be? It is not uncommon for a couple to choose a name that makes them smile. Who wouldn’t smile when thinking of a cast member from the ABC hit series Modern Family? If you are a modern family fan, here are a few names that you might like for your new baby. Waiting for a name that will best suit your child’s personality? No problem, keep these names in mind. Each character has something unique about them, making it easy for the audience to relate.

Jay (Latin/Sanskrit): Resembling a jaybird/one who is victorious -Jay Pritchett
Luke (Greek): A man from Lucania -Luke Dunphy
Mitchell (English): Form of Michael, meaning “who is like God?” -Mitchell Pritchett
Phillip (Greek): One who loves horses -Phil Dunphy
Ariel (Hebrew): A lioness of God -Ariel Winter, aka Alex Dunphy
Gloria (Latin): A renowned and highly praised woman -Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
Haley (English): From the field of hay -Haley Dunphy
Lily (English): Resembling the flower; one who is innocent and beautiful –Lily: Daughter of Mitchell and Cameron