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Celebrity Baby Names that Aren’t Crazy

Celebrities and musicians are notorious for giving their young ones names anyone would least expect. The non-celebrity parent world is no stranger to delivering names the rest of society cannot imagine growing up with, either. Parents have chosen verbs, foods, or even names that sound like a sentence when spoken. Here are a few celebrity parents who kept the naming process pretty casual. For the most part.









Pearl (Latin): Gem of the Sea
Pearl Clementine, Jack Osbourne
Maxwell (English): Capable
Maxwell Drew, Jessica Simpson
Willow (English): From the willow tree; symbol of healing and grace
Willow Sage, Pink

Julian (Greek): The child of love; one who is youthful
Julian Fuego, Robin Thicke
Bronx (English): Borough of New York City
Bronx Mowgli, Ashlee Simpson
Luca (Italian): Light
Luca Cruz, Hillary Duff






Jessica Simpson wins for the girls. Though the name Maxwell is usually intended for boys, “Max” will be a cute nickname for her daughter growing up. Hillary Duff’s Luca is the best name on the boy’s list. Short, sweet, and it sounds nice when pronounced. As for Bronx Mowgli—it could be worse.