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My Fair Lady Names

On December 9th in history, “My Fair Lady” opened at the Virginia Theater in New York City in 1993 for its 165th performance.  The age-old play was a hit when it debuted in 1956 on Broadway and set the record at that time for the longest run of any musical theater production in history.

If you have a love for the arts and acting, this list of names derived from the original cast and crew of “My Fair Lady” might interest you for you soon-to-be little actor or actress.


Alfred (English): One who counsels the elves-Alfred P. Doolittle
Freddy (German): Form of Frederick, meaning “a peaceful ruler” -Freddy Eynsford
Henry (German): The ruler of the house -Henry Higgins
Zoltan (Hungarian): A kingly man; a sultan -Zoltan Karpathy


Cathleen (Greek): Form of Catherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal”-Cathleen Nesbitt: Actress who plays Mrs. Higgins
Eliza (Hebrew): My God is bountiful -Eliza Doolittle
Philippa (English): Feminine form of Philip; a friend of horses -Philippa Bevans: Actress who plays Mrs. Pearce
Viola (Italian): A stringed instrument; a form of Violet, meaning “resembling the purplish-blue flower- Viola Roache: Actress who plays Mrs. Eynsford