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5 Funky Ways to Name your Child

Getting pregnant is just the start of the long road of parenting that you are about to endure. Whether you are a first timer or a pro, there is one thing that differs from parent to parent and from previous pregnancies and that is choosing a name that will suit your soon-to-be. If you feel that this has been an overwhelming task and have found it difficult to settle on a name, consider these five funky approaches to choosing the perfect name for your little Mr. or Miss Perfect.
1.    Religious, ethnic and spiritual suggestions:
Research the origins, meanings and translations of some of your favorite words or names for creative or personalized alternatives. Biblical and religious names such as Noah, Mary and Job exclaim a spiritual message which might be a neat approach in naming your soon-to-be. Also, try to trace your family’s ancestry back a few hundred years to your very roots; you might discover that your great grandmother had a beautiful middle or surname that you could give your baby.
2.    Repurposing everyday names:
Rosemary, Sage, and Apple, oh my! Who knew that common household items such as spices and popular brands would become trendsetting names for future generations? Names that second as colors, gems and even plants are becoming popular with parents searching for unique names. Mother Nature is calling and she is ready to give your child the perfect name. Look outside for all things beautiful in nature and you are sure to land a name.
3.    First and middle initial:
If you felt it necessary to name your child after a loved one but would still like to add your own personal zing, the middle name is a perfect spot to do so. Some parents will opt out of giving their child a middle name because the first and last might flow well without, while others give their children a first and middle to allow the child to pick which name they would like to be called in the future. Some parents even admit they’ve resorted to picking a name out of a hat because choosing a first was far too difficult to choose a second as well.
4.    Nickname game
You might realize that you adore the name Isabella, but are not fond of Belle, Belly, Bella or Izzy. Take time to consider traditional and non-traditional nicknames for popular names such as Joshua and Hannah before signing your child’s birth certificate.
5.    Matching names
If you are expecting twins, choosing the perfect name combination for two can be fun and exciting.  Those looking to find a name that compliments an older child’s name might consider choices such as Matthew and Madison that both can be shortened to share a similar nick name. McKayla and McKenzie might appeal to future parents looking for similar names for their twins, while Martin and Mitchell might be good for a younger and older brother pair.