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Mardi Gras Names

 Mardi Gras, the French term for ‘Fat Tuesday,’ is heavily celebrated in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States. People gather from across the country to celebrate the day wearing the traditional colors of purple, green, and gold. If you are expecting a baby in the month of February and are proud of your southern or French heritage, consider this list of names derived from the Mardi Gras celebration.
Augustine (Irish): Form of August, meaning “one who is venerable, majestic”
Charles (English/German): One who is manly and strong/a free man
Leroy (French): The king
Philippe (Greek): One who loves horses

Acadia (Canadian): From the land of plenty
Belle (Italian): A woman famed for her beauty
Magnolia (French): State flower of Louisiana
Rosella (Italian): Of the rose garden