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National Agriculture Day

March 8th is National Agriculture Day. Be one of the many citizens in the United Stated to join together to recognize the contributions of agriculture. If you are teaching your children the importance of eating healthy and staying active, planning an event for National Agriculture Day can be fun and informative.

Event ideas: Plan a family breakfast, take a trip to a local farm, or plant your favorite vegetable in a flowerpot.

If you are expecting a child within the next few months, you know the importance of eating healthy and buying farm fresh food. Here are a few baby names that are derived from the western plains of the United States.


Dale (Old English): Valley
Dustin (English): A place name
Jesse (Hebrew): He sees
Wyatt (Old English): War strength


Abigale (Hebrew): Father of exaltation
Cora (Greek): Maiden
Lydia (Greek): A woman from Lydia
Susannah (Hebrew): Lily