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Delightful Baby Names

Close your eyes and try to think of the little things in life that make you smile. Being pregnant is a blessing as is your heightened senses that come with the 9 months of carrying your child. In honor of National Fragrance Day, here are a few baby names derived from the most delightful scents of perfumes and colognes. Just remember, inspiration for choosing a baby name can come from just about anywhere, including the perfume section of your local Sephora’s!


Betsey (Hebrew): My God is bountiful- Betsey Johnson- Too Too
Chloe (Greek): A flourishing woman; blooming- Chloe- L’Eau de Chloe
Kat (Greek): Form of Catherine, meaning “one who is pure, virginal”- Kat Von D- Saint
Vera (Latin/Slavic): The truth/one with faith- Vera Wang-Princess


Giorgio (Italian): Farmer; where it is used- Giorgio Armani- Acqua Di Gio
Jean (French): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious” -Jean Paul Gaultier- LE MALE TERRIBLE
Jimmy (English): Form of James, meaning “He who supplants” -Jimmy Choo- JIMMY CHOO
Marc (Latin): Dedicated to Mars; the God of war -Marc Jacobs- Daisy