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National Tortilla Chip Day

The tortilla, meaning “little torta” or “little cake” in Spanish, originated in Spain and has been eaten for many centuries in Mexico. The tortilla is a staple food in Mexico and has developed in popularity by Northern Americans with the use of wheat flour rather than maize. In honor of this Spanish and Mexican treat that has quenched the hunger of others from around the world, here are a few Spanish and Mexican inspired baby names that you might find muy attractivo!


Carlos (Spanish): Form of Karl, meaning “a free man”
Emilio (Latin): One who is eager; an industrious man
Jose (Spanish): God will add
Miguel (Spanish): Who is like God?


Ana (Latin): A woman graced with God’s favor
Capote (Spanish): One who is protected; wearing a cloak
Luisa (Spanish): A famous warrior
Maribel (Spanish): Form of Mary, meaning “Star of the sea/from the sea of bitterness”