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Botanical Baby Names








Botanical baby names aren’t just for the green at heart. Nature names for babies have a natural meaning, but are great for parents looking for options that are less mainstream (pun intended!). Baby names have long been derived from plants, trees, spices and flowers. It won’t be surprising to meet a few more baby girls named Lily in the world as Modern Family’s own Lily Tucker-Pritchett makes the flowery name a standard household option.

If you want a baby name that links your child to an Earthly meaning, there are oceans of possibilities. Here are our top favorites of botanical baby names.

Aster (Greek): Star; September birth flower
Forrest (French): From the woods
Briar (English): Thorny plant

Saffron (English): Spice; Yellow color
Lily (English): Lily flower
Jazmin (Persian): Resembling the climbing plant with fragrant flowers


Nature-Lover Baby Names

National Recycling Week began November 7th and ends Sunday, November 13th. If you are expecting your child this week, consider these names that are sure to delight any nature-lover. The names will not only denote that your child is one with their surrounding environment but have a beautiful and unique ring to them as well that are sure to please the ear.


Birch (English): White and shining; birth tree
Cliff (English): Short for Clifford, meaning “dashing”
Hunter (English): Hunter; adventurer
Pierce (Welsh): Rock


Acadia (French): Place name
Bryn (Welsh): Hill
Daphne (Greek): A laurel or bay tree
Estelle (Latin): Star