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Something to Sing About

September and October flew by in the blink of an eye and November is about to do the same. Take time to savor the month and the beauty of the coming holiday season by listening to songs written specifically about the month of November. If you are expecting a child, here are a few names derived from these songs and the artists who produced them that might interest you.


Ben (Hebrew): Son-Ben Weaver, “In November”
Bret (English): A Breton-Bret Michaels, “November Rain”
Skyler (Dutch): Guarded; scholar -Yanni, “November Sky”
Thomas (Aramaic): Twin-Tom Waits, “November”


Hope (English): To have hope -The National, “Mr. November”
Jean (Hebrew): God is gracious -Wyclef Jean, “Gone Till November”
Rose (Latin): Resembling the flower; color -Guns N’ Roses, “November Rain”
Sandy (Greek): Defending men -Sandy Denny, “Late November”


November Baby Names

Are you expecting a child this month? One of the best ways to go about naming your little one is to take into consideration the time of the year in which they were born. For example, a child born during the summer months has an array of names to choose from denoting summer fun and sunshine. If finding a name for your child has proven to be a bit difficult, here are a few names pertaining to the fall months that might interest you for your little pumpkin born in November.


Asher (Hebrew): Fortunate; blessed; happy
Ashton (English): Settlement in the ash-tree grove
Jasper (Persian): Treasurer; spotted stone
Stone (English): Stone; stonewall


Amberlyn (English): Undying; immortal; resembling the color Amber
Aspen (English): Aspen tree
Nova (Latin): New
Sienna (Italian): Reddish-orange, brown