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The Oggi® Elevation with Sleep Science Technlogy

Baby names are just part of the process parents need to go through—especially if carrying a baby for nine months is on the agenda. Pregnant moms often find getting comfortable to sleep at night one of their main complaints throughout a pregnancy, and if there is any time restful sleep is needed, it’s now. The Oggi® Elevation is a complete body positioning system that elevates the body and provides support where it’s needed most, giving a huge relief to expecting moms throughout any stage of pregnancy.

The Oggi® Elevation features a wedge pillow at the top with two longer length sides that come to an opening. With superior shoulder support, moms can sleep comfortably on their side with adequate neck, shoulder, spine and belly support. While the Elevation can help any sleeper—not just pregnant women—the patent pending Slumber Science Technology have given many moms the relief they deserve.

Here is what Tara, an Oggi® Elevation user, had to say:

I am only in my 4th month of pregnancy, and was already having a hard time sleeping. I have also been experiencing some reflux that would make it very hard for me to even want to lay down. This pillows support was so great that I will sometimes bring it into the wood floor in my TV room and lay in it there. It was even more comfortable than my sofa! I got the watermelon- It is a gorgeous color! I am constantly fighting my husband and I are constantly fighting over it- he may get his own for fathers day!

The Oggi® Elevation is available in five different colors, with each pillow case able to be machine washed and dried.