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Olympian Inspired Names!

Today, July 27th, is national “Take Your Pants for a Walk Day”. While walking isn’t the most strenuous exercise routine, it keeps your body in motion and every little bit helps when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only is this a great day to get some exercise, but maybe you are hoping to have a little athlete of your own.  Although walking isn’t an Olympic sport, here are some baby names inspired by Olympic athletes, in hopes that a little walking today can enforce good habits on your child for years to come. Maybe they will even become a star athlete over time. Hey, you never now!

Jesse – Jesse Owens, US sprinter Olympian in 1936.
Carl – Carl Lewis, Sprinter and long jump US Olympian.
John – John Naber, Swimmer and one of America’s most successful Olympic Champions.
Eric – Eric Heiden, Long track speed skater in the Winter Olympics.
Jackie – Jackie Joyner- Kersee, Ranked among the all time greatest female athletes in the women’s heptathlon as well as the women’s long jump.
Kristi – Kristi Yamaguchi, World champion ice skater and Gold medal Olympian.
Shannon – Shannon Miller, US gymnast.  She is the winner of a combined total of 16 World Championships and Olympic medals between 1991 and 1996.
Evelyn – Evelyn Ashford, a retired American athlete, the 1984 Olympic champion in the 100 m.