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The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow!

The orphan who stole the hearts of viewers across the world is still a favorite to many who have enjoyed the classic musical, film, and comic strip, “Little Orphan Annie,” written by Harold Gray. On October 19th, 1997, fourteen years ago today, the last performance of Annie took place at the Martin Beck Theater in New York City. In remembrance of the little orphan girl who found her way into the hearts of those around the world, here are a few baby names that might interest you if you are looking for a sweet, subtle name that everyone will be sure to love.


Brady (Irish): The son of a large-chested man

David (Hebrew): The beloved one

Grant (English): A tall man; a great man

Lui (German): A famous warrior


Blake (English): A dark beauty

Carla (Latin): Feminine form of Carl; a free woman

Lola (Spanish): Form of Dolores, meaning “woman of sorrow”

Sally (English): Form of Sarah, meaning “princess; lady”