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Palindromic Baby Names





Hannah Is a Palindrome is a story about a little girl whose teacher introduces her to the class by saying “Hannah is a palindrome.” Not knowing what a palindrome was, the class teased Hannah while she looked up the definition of the term. After discovering a palindrome is a word with the same letters backwards and forwards, she informed Otto, the ringleader of the teasing, that Otto is also a palindrome.

Oh, the joys of grade school reading books! Maybe your son or daughter will come across this story once they’re old enough? In honor of Hannah, here are some other palindromic names to consider for your baby.

Ava (German): A birdlike woman; From the water
Izzi (American): A fun-loving woman
Hannah (Hebrew): Having favor and grace
Elle (English): Abbreviation of Eleanor and Ellen; Beautiful fairy

Nolon (Gaelic): A famous and noble man; A champion of the people
Natan (Hebrew): Form of Nathaniel, meaning “a gift from god”
Silis (Latin): Form of Silvanus, meaning “a woodland dweller”
Reinier (German): One who provides counsel