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Peculiar People Day

January 10th is National Peculiar People Day. Take time to think of the peculiar people you have met throughout life. What made them peculiar? Every person is unique in their own way and your new bundle of joy will be one of a kind, too! Give your baby a fun and spunky name that will make them stand out amongst the rest. In honor of National Peculiar People Day, here are a few uncommon names that may actually appeal to you:


Birch (English): From the birch tree
Day (American): Born during the daylight
Malik (Arabic): The sovereign
Thornton (English): From the town of thorn bushes


Cornelia (Latin): Feminine form of Cornelius; referring to a horn
Lileah (Latin): Resembling a Lily
Tullia (Irish): One who is peaceful
Verena (German): Protector and defender