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Matching Baby Names with Personality

Have you ever met someone with a personality that just doesn’t fit with their name? This is usually thought to be a bad thing, but having a mismatched name and demeanor can actually be good. A calm, low key person could benefit from a more exciting name—a calm, low key person with a similar name could end up being forgotten about easily. The same could be said for the opposite. A loud, in-your-face type of personality doesn’t need any extra help getting noticed. A simple name with classic style might be perfect to tone down a louder personality.

Does your name fit with your style? We’ve mixed up some classic baby names along with some that are more obscure—which one will fit with your baby?

Daniel (Hebrew): God is my judge
Elliott (English): Form of Elijah, meaning “Jehovah is my god”
Bear (German): Bear
Jagger (English): One who carts provisions

Petunia (English) Resembling the flower
Keiki (Hawiian): A precious baby; Resembling an orchid
Meena (Indian): Resembling a fish; In Hinduism, the daughter of the goddess Usha
Shea (Gaelic/ Irish): Of admirable character/ From the fairy palace