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Pilgrim Names

Thanksgiving is a few days away! What better way to gear up for the feast than to discover the very meaning behind the holiday. Yes, there is more to Thanksgiving than shoveling food into your mouth at ungodly speeds. This holiday can be easily remembered as the ‘Pilgrims’ voyage to the America’s on the Mayflower. The ship was intended to sail to the northern Virginia territory at the mouth of the Hudson River, better known today as Manhattan, but instead it ended up at the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

If you have a love for American history and are expecting a child within the next week or two, here are a few old-fashioned baby names that might interest you:


Daniel (Hebrew): God is my judge
Richard (English): A powerful ruler
Samuel (Hebrew): God has heard
Thomas (Aramaic): One of twins


Abigail (Hebrew): The source of a father’s joy
Lydia (Greek): A beautiful woman from Lydia
Priscilla (Latin): Form of Prisca, meaning “from an ancient family”
Virginia (Latin): One who is chaste; virginal