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Disney Acquires Pixar


This week in January, 2006, Disney acquired Pixar Animation Studios.  Pixar has created critically acclaimed animated and feature films for over 25 years.  The studios at one time were owned by George Lucas and later Steve Jobs.  Pixar is known in the cinematic industry for its unique ideas, compelling stories, visual artistry and cutting edge technology.  Pixar films are described as 3 dimensional animations from a groundbreaking company.

Check out these possible baby names taken from some of the most popular Pixar films.




Celia                Monsters University

Collette           Ratatouille

Coral               Finding Nemo

Dory               Finding Nemo

Elinor              Brave

Eve                  Wall-E

Hannah            Toy Story

Holley             Cars 2

Jessie               Toy Story 2

Lizzie              Cars

Violet              The Incredibles


Andy               Toy Story

Brent               Cars 2

Brock              Monsters University

Charles            Up

Dash                The Incredibles

Finn                 Cars 2

Macintosh       Brave

Manny                        A Bug’s Life

Nigel                Finding Nemo

Rex                  Toy Story

Wally              Wall-E