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Baby Names Inspired by Places






Choosing a place name for a baby is somewhat of a middle ground for parents wanting something unique, but not too over the top. Whether it’s where the parents met, honeymooned, or simply love the culture, naming children after a city or country is becoming increasingly popular. Celebrities have really taken to going the place-name route, but Hollywood wasn’t the first to put city names on the map. All of the Austins, Charlottes, and Dakotas were ahead of the trend, but now it seems like any place can be given as a name. Hopefully no parents fall in love with New Hampshire, though it’s probably a great place to be!

These names hail from all around the globe, and are perfect for symbolizing a memorable place for your baby son or daughter.

Aspen, Colorado
Boston, Massachusetts
Salem, Massachusetts
London, England
Adelaide, Australia
Ashton, Ontario
Bailey, Colorado
Ainsley, England
Eden, North Carolina
Kent, Texas
Eugene, Oregon
Chandler, Arizona