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Most Popular Baby Names Coast to Coast

When you think of the opposite coast, you think of a different life. Whether it’s beaches, sporting arenas or a city life thousands of miles from your own home—it’s a different place. So it’s strange to imagine that the same Emmas, Avas, Masons and Williams are the same kids growing up on different sides of the country. According to the most popular names for each state as ranked by Social Security, the most popular baby names repeat regardless of local culture and style. Benjamin might be chopping wood in Vermont, or he might be paddling out to catch his first California wave.

Naming styles, of course, vary amongst different people. But for the most part, the most popular names are the most popular for a reason: the majority of parents use them, regardless of lifestyle.

Measuring name data from Texas, New York, South Dakota and California, the top five names for both boys and girls varied slightly. The top five girl’s names were almost the same across all four states, with only South Dakota introducing the name Brooklyn. Sophia, Emily, Emma, Mia, Isabella and Ava were the other consistent names that repeated across each area.

Boys saw similar results but had a wider change in names. Across the same four states, names repeated less. Jacob and Jayden were top names in Texas and California, while Matthew repeated in California and New York.

Yesterday, we wrote about popular boy’s names staying consistent from 1988 until 2011, while girl’s names differed. Today, boy’s names differ in geographical location, while girl’s names stay very similar.

Have you noticed a difference in naming styles from the different places you’ve lived?


Top 2012 Baby Names

As 2012 comes to a close, we’re recognizing the top baby names of the year. According to the Huffington Post, pop culture took over for the top spots in baby names this year. The Hunger Games earned Katniss in the top spot for the girls, with “Glee” inspired Finn for the top boy’s spot.

One of the most talked about baby names this year is also pop culture inspired, but it’s not a character from television or a movie. Yes, we’re talking about Hashtag Jameson. Hashtag is named after the hashtag symbol (#) frequently used on Twitter.

Maybe it’s due to living in the Twitter age, but Hashtag isn’t the baby name we’re most surprised about this year. Rosalind Arusha Akadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson is. Uma Thurman, who also has children Maya and Levon, welcomed her first child with Arpad Busson in July, and gave her little girl just a few names to learn how to spell.

With the New Year only hours away, we’re giving you a few of our favorite names for 2013!

Hank (English): Form of Henry, meaning “the ruler of the house”
Eli (Hebrew): One who has ascended; My god on high
Tilden (English): From the fertile valley
Iago (Spanish): Form of James, meaning “he who supplants”

Robin (English): Form of Roberta, meaning “one who is bright with fame”; resembling the red-breasted songbird
Quinn (German): Woman who is queenly
Efia (African): Born on a Friday
Lanai (Hawaiian): A veranda; From the island


Popular Baby Name Trends of 2012

The numbers are in, and new school baby names are out! BabyCenter compiled the top 100 baby names throughout 2012, and there seems to be a shift from new names to old-fashioned monikers we’ve heard before.

On the girls’ side, 11 out of the top 20 names begin with vowels, with five of those beginning with an “A.” It’s the opposite for the boys’ names, only three begin with a vowel in their top 20.

Sophia came in as the most popular baby name for girls, while Aiden came in number one for the boys. Neither are surprising, though there seems to be just as much of a dislike for “ayden” sounding names despite it taking the top spot.

Popularity rank for girls’ names seems to jump around a bit more than for the boys. Harper ranked #168 in 2008, but has jumped all the way to #16 for 2012. Grayson has been climbing steadily up the ranks for boys, coming from #114 in 2008 to #66 in 2012. We expect to see Harper in the top 10 next year, and Grayson to at least reach the top 50.

Here are the top 10 baby names from 2012—check out BabyCenter for the complete list!

Boys:                           Girls:
Aiden                          Sophia
Jackson                     Emma
Ethan                         Olivia
Liam                           Isabella
Mason                       Ava
Noah                          Lily
Lucas                        Zoe
Jacob                        Chloe
Jayden                      Mia
Jack                          Madison