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Flash Back 100 Years

In today’s day and age, names have changed drastically. It seems more often than not, people are questioning parent’s choices on baby names that are far from the norm. Although a unique baby name will set your child apart from the rest, an old fashioned name can be a thing of beauty. Ever wonder what names were popular nearly one hundred years ago? If you are expecting a child and are trying to pick a name that will best suit your new baby boy or girl, here is a list of baby names popular during the 1910’s that you might be interested in.


James (Hebrew): Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”

Joseph (Hebrew): God will add

Thomas (Aramaic): One of twins

William (German): The determined protector


Anna (Latin): A woman graced with God’s favor

Dorothy (Greek): A gift of God

Margaret (Greek/Persian): Resembling a pearl/the child of light –Nickname: Maggie

Virginia (Latin): One who is chaste; virginal; from the state of Virginia