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Inauguration Day & Martin Luther King Jr. Baby Names

President Obama officially took the oath of office on Jan. 20, but the public inaugural ceremony is taking place today, Jan. 21—the date also celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. this year. In honor of both men, we’ve put together a list of names from friends, allies and family members that the president celebrates in his every day life, and people who made King’s civil right’s movement a possibility.

Barack (Hebrew): Of the lightning flash
Martin (Latin): Dedicated to Mars, the god of war
Joseph (Hebrew): God will add
Jesse (Hebrew): God exists; A gift from god; God sees all
Lyndon (English): From the lime tree
Myles (German/ Latin): One who is merciful; A soldier
Coretta (English): Wife of Martin Luther King Jr.
Claudette (Latin): Feminine form of Claud; One who is lame
Ruby (English): As precious as the red gem stone
Rosa (Greek): Resembling the beautiful and meaningful flower
Michelle (French): Feminine form of Michael; Who is like god?


Twin Boys Named Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

We know that baby names have an impact on a child’s future, but have you ever considered how much? Millicent Owuor, a mother in south-west Kenya, decided to give her twin boys names that could never be forgotten. According to the Huffington Post, Owour named her twin sons Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, born close to the village of Kogelo, where Obama’s father was born.

Giving birth right around the election, Owuor’s twins are named after two of the most talked about men in 2012. Both are successful in different ways—something we can imagine she hopes to pass on to her boys.

Would you ever consider naming your children after famously known world figures? (Mitt’s first name is actually Willard, and received the middle name “Mitt” after his uncle, Milton.)

Barack (Hebrew): Of the lightning flash
Milton (English): From the mill town
Willard (German): A resolute and brave man


President Inspired Unique Baby Names

Baby name inspiration comes from all over. Movies, magazines as well as friends and family are just a few, but historical names are making a strong comeback. Vintage and retro names are being paired with traditional first and middle name combinations to achieve a perfect balance of a unique and casual baby name. We like the idea of taking presidential names, first or last, for baby names! Many names on the list are in the perfect median of not being overused or too obscure.

Here is our list of presidential baby names!

Pierce (English): As solid and strong as a rock
Lincoln (English): From the village near the lake
Grant (English): A tall man; A great man
Truman (English): One who is loyal

Monroe (Gaelic): Woman from the river
Madison (English): Daughter of a mighty warrior
McKinley (Gaelic): The child of the white warrior
Carter (English): A transporter of merchandise


Presidential Baby Names

Political debates, commercials and news stories will finally be coming to an end—Election Day in the United States is next week. Presidential candidates have had mostly traditional names, though many would be considered vintage compared to current trends. Past presidents have had regal, professional sounding names, though we think having the title of “President” may have something to do with it. Can you imagine voting for your own son or daughter? What name would you feel confident in voting for on the 2052 ballot? Will we see some of the unique baby names from current trends instead of the classic names that we’re familiar with? Maybe your daughter will be the first female president of the United States!

Here are some of our favorite names from past presidents, as well as some we’d like to see in the future!

Barack (Hebrew): Of the lightning flash
Theodore (Greek): A gift from god
Edward (English): A wealthy protector
Phillip (Greek): One who loves horses

Hilary (Greek): A cheerful woman; Bringer of joy
Michelle (French): Feminine form of Michael; who is like god?
Amara (Greek): One who will be forever beautiful
Evelyn (German): A birdlike woman


Baby for President

In honor of the up and coming presidential elections, here is a list of carefully selected baby names for the future politicians. Whether Democrat, Republican, or Liberal, this list of names will suit any future political figure better than George Washington’s custom wig!


Avery (English): Self-spoken
Bradlee (English): Mediator
Colton (English): Dark town
Theo (Greek): Godlike


Amber (French): Gorgeous and golden; semiprecious stone
Jillian (Latin): Youthful
Colletta (French): Wins
Madison (English): Good-hearted