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Baby Name Regret?

Sometimes we commit to things that just don’t end up working out. Soccer teams, workout regimens, a wardrobe switch that seemed like a good idea at the time. Those can easily be taken out of the agenda and returned without question—but what about names? If your child was one of six boys named Justin in school two years in a row, would you consider changing it? Would you be willing to change your son or daughter’s name before reaching a certain age?  Some people feel that a name is part of what makes people who they are, and children grow to suit their name as they age.

Here are some of our top name picks that we would hate to ever see change!

Flynn (Irish): One who has a ruddy complexion
Lance (French): An attendant; In Arthurian legend, a knight of the Round Table
Ezra (Hebrew): A helper
Drew (Welsh): One who is wise

Tory (American): Form of Victoria, meaning “victorious woman; Winner; Conquerer”
Olga (Scandenavian): One who is blessed and successful
Gloria (Latin): A renowned and highly praised woman
Audrey (English): Woman with noble strength