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Royal Names

The Queen’s Jubilee was one to be remembered. Her royal celebration was a dapper display of celebrating 60 years as Monarch in 2012. The Diamond Jubiliee featured celebrity cameos, performances, and was a news topic all around the world as families tuned in to the celebration.
Baby names that exude royalty will bring the Jubilee to your new son or daughter—and it will be a celebration you can look forward to every year! The parties might be a bit less star-studded, but the close family and friends parties are more regal that way.

Royal names for boys:
Nathaniel (Hebrew): Gift of God
Vincent (Latin): Conqueror; Victor
Edward (English): Guardian of prosperity
Alexander (Greek): Helper and defender of mankind

Royal names for girls:
Eloise (French): Battle maiden
Isabella (Hebrew): God is my vow
Juliana (Latin): Downy-haired; Youthful
Adelaide (German): Nobel and kind