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Baby Names to End the Month of January

The first two months of the year are unique because they both end in ‘ry.’ Unlike the months to follow—March, April, and May; January and February both begin a new year but mark the end of the cold winter months. If you began the New Year on the plus one list or are expecting a child in the month of February, here are a few beautiful and unique names to consider that also end in ‘ry.’


Amaury (French): A ruler
Barry (Gaelic): A fair-haired man
Gregory (Greek): One who is vigilant; watchful
Henry (German): The ruler of the house


Audry (English): Woman with noble strength
Hilary (Greek): A cheerful woman; bringer of joy
Rosemary (Latin/English): The dew of the sea
Sherry (English): Form of Cherie, meaning “one who is greatly loved; darling”