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Names for your Future Comedian

The 7th American Comedy Awards aired on this day in 1993 and the American hit television sitcom Seinfeld won. Unlike other sitcoms of its time like Full House, Who’s The Boss, and Family Ties, Seinfeld incorporated characters that were not coworkers or relatives but just a group of four friends that shared unique experiences of their separate lives throughout each episode.

In honor of an unforgettable sitcom that went against the grain and paved the way for other shows to follow, here are a list of baby names derived from Seinfeld that will suit your soon-to-be comedian appropriately.


Cosmo (Greek): The order of the universe
George (Greek): One who works the earth; a farmer
Jerry (Greek): A holy man; having great strength
Larry (Latin): Extrovert


Daphne (Greek): Of the laurel tree; in mythology, a virtuous woman transformed
Elaine (French): Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Estelle (Latin): Resembling a star
Seven (American): The seventh-born child