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Unique Celebrity Baby Names

As 2011 comes to a close, take a minute to look back on the most influential celebrities of the 2000’s and their children. Stand back and take cover; the top 8 celebrity children of 2011 are kickin’ butt and the Baby Name Registry Blog is taking their names [for you, of course]! From Suri Cruise to Harper Seven Bekham, these celebrity baby names are anything but ordinary, and that’s a fact.

Influential Celeb. Kids of 2011: TOP 8

1- Suri (American/Sanskrit/Hebrew): Wealthy; mother of the son; go away -Suri Cruise

 Suri Cruise was named the most influential celebrity kid of 2011! With a personality this spunky, she is sure to be in the public eye for many years to come.

2- Harper (English): One who plays or makes harps -Harper Seven Bekham
3- Shiloh (Hebrew): One who is peaceful; abundant -Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
4- Max (Latin): Form of Maximilian, meaning “the greatest” -Max Anthony
5- Mason (English): One who works with stone -Mason Disick
6- Honor (English): To have honored; respect -Honor Alba
7- Cruz (Spanish): Of the cross -Cruz Beckham
8- Jayden (Hebrew/English): One who is thankful of God -Jayden Spears