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Baby Names from Song Titles






When you hear the first chord of your favorite song come through the speakers, conversation stops while the volume goes up. It’s the best part of your drive to work, even if you’ve added the song to the playlist yourself. When you’re expecting a baby, the names you hear in songs probably mean a little more. Can you imagine calling your child the name you’ve heard on repeat so many times? How does it sound when other people say it? What if the song has a horrible music video? If there is a song you love, it makes perfect sense to give that name to your new baby girl or boy.

Here is a list of names from songs that your baby will love to hear.

Jude (Hebrew): Variant of Judah; Praise; The praised one
The Beatles
Dan (Hebrew): Diminutive of Daniel; God is my judge
Modest Mouse
Jonathan (Hebrew): Jehovah has given; Jehovah’s gift
Vampire Weekend
Wyatt (French): Ready for combat
Sheryl Crow
Sam (Hebrew): Form of Samuel; He who heard god
The Killers

Delilah (Hebrew): Amorous, delight, languishing
Plain White T’s
Alice (English): Of the nobility
Crystal Castles
Avery (French): Flirtatious
The Decemberists
Mary (Latin/Hebrew): Star of the sea; Sea of bitterness
Kings of Leon
Grace (Latin): Graceful