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Super Bowl Baby Names

First, there was the Super Bowl. Then there was the Puppy Bowl. Now we have the Baby Name Bowl. Unfortunately, we don’t have a half time show with kittens or Beyoncé, but we’re still pretty excited. Are you rooting for the Ravens, the 49ers or the funniest commercial you’ll see all year? We’ve taken the top names from both teams for our head to head match up of Super Bowl baby names. Your future quarterback, ESPN correspondent or ad executive could have one of these names! 

Brendon (Irish): Born to royalty; A prince
(Italian): Famous
(Welsh): Circling the bright sea; A sea dweller
(Irish): Hill; Hollow
(Spanish): Guards wisely
(Hebrew): One who heals others

Dashon (American): A charming man; One who is fast
(English): Form of Richard meaning, “a powerful ruler”
(English): An old friend
(English): A man from Scotland
(German): Having the strength of a lion
(Scottish): A young man; Form of Nicholas, meaning “of the victorious people”


Future Baby Football Players

Down, set, hike! Is your little one going to be a future football star? Maybe you’ve got the youngest quarterback NFL hopeful on your hands. You could be just 20 years away from being the next parent landing soup commercials with supersized-athlete son. If you’re the proud parent of a baby girl—don’t fret. A high school student in Plantation, Florida is making headlines as the only female on an all men’s high school football team—she’s third string quarterback. Maybe your daughter will be the next to make headlines for the sport she loves. Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, if football is in your genes, here are some football player names that will sound great on the field.

Connor (Gaelic): A wolf lover
Jeremy (Hebrew): Form of Jeremiah, meaning “one who is exalted by the Lord”
Kyle (Gaelic): From the narrow channel
Trevor (Welsh): From the large village

Erin (Gaelic): Woman from Ireland
Katie (Greek): Form of Catherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal”
April (English): Opening buds of spring; born in the month of April
Brianna (Irish): Feminine form of Brian; from the high hill; one who ascends


Tennis Names for Future Stars





Andy Murray delivered an emotional speech on July 8 as his efforts for winning at Wimbledon came to a close. Losing against Roger Federer is noble in its own, and Murray gave it his all, even outplaying Federer in the early stages of the match. His heart didn’t go unnoticed. News reports of the final results flooded in, with many focusing on the character Murray displayed as he gave his defeated speech. We’ll get to see both players on the courts again as they fight for gold during the 2012 Olympics, and after Andy’s emotional speech, who couldn’t help but cheer for him just a little louder?

In honor of both Murray and Federer, here is a list of baby names inspired by tennis greatness.

Nicolás (Greek): One of the victorious people
Fernando (German): Variant of Ferdinand: Brave traveler
Mardy (Latin): Dedicated to Mars, the god of war
Roger (German): A famous spearman
Simon (Hebrew): God has heard
Andrew (Greek): Manly; A warrior

Elena (Spanish): Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Alicia (German): Woman of the nobility, truthful, having high moral character
Justine (Latin): Feminine form of Justin; One who is just and upright
Amélie (French): Had working; Industrious; Striving
Serena (Latin): Having peaceful disposition
Anabel (English): Variant of Amabel, meaning “one who is lovable”


Baseball Hall of Fame Names





It’s baseball season! If you’ve already got children, practices and games might be coming to a close. But the MLB is still swinging, as are the plethora of little league commercials gracing television screens everywhere. There is something delightfully summery about baseball. Maybe it’s the contrast of the green grass to the dirt infield, or that it’s the first team many of us play on and make the initial mistake of running to third base first. Stadium food and the occasional crack of the bat help, too, of course.

Check out list of baseball names that will be a hit at the bottom of your son or daughter’s baseball card.

Sandy Koufax, 1972, Los Angeles Dodgers
Hank Aaron, 1982, Milwaukee Braves
Reggie Jackson, 1993, New York Yankees
Morgan Bulkeley, 1937, Hartford Dark Blues and National League’s first president
Tris Speaker, 1937, Cleveland Indians
Lou Gehrig, 1939, New York Yankees
Mel Ott, 1951, New York Giants
Willie Mays, 1979, San Francisco Giants
Tom Seaver, 1992, New York Mets
Denny, 1977, Grand Slam debut

With the exception of Tom and possibly Hank, babies of either gender could sport any of these names. But they’ll have some pretty big gloves to fill.


Hoop Dreams Start Early

If you’re a basketball fanatic, naming your child something that will flow out of an announcer’s mouth and reverberate off the walls is integral. After all, your baby could be the next Kobe Bryant or Lisa Leslie. Instead of compiling a baby madness bracket of girl names vs. boy names, check out our list of current basketball player names that will be a slam dunk.

Boy names from the 2012 NBA Finals:
Cole (English) – Having dark features; Having coal-black hair
Cole Aldrich, Oklahoma City Thunder
Kevin (Gaelic) – A beloved and handsome man
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
Dexter (Latin) – A right-handed man; One who is skillful
Dexter Pittman, Miami Heat
Shane (English) – Form of John, meaning “god is gracious”
 Shane Battier, Miami Heat

Girl names from WNBA players:
Sasha (Russian) – Form of Alexandra, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”
Sasha Goodlett, Indiana Fever
Nicky (Greek) – Form of Nicole, the feminine version of Nicholas, meaning “of the victorious people”
Nicky Anosike, Los Angeles Sparks
Kristi (English) – Form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ”
Kristi Toilver, Los Angeles Sparks
Jenna (English) – Form of Jennifer, meaning “fair spirit”
Jenna O’Hea, Los Angeles Sparks


Kickoff Your Pregnancy with These Awesome Baby Names

Football season is well on its way to taking over your television set and those all across the nation. Within these five months, men and women everywhere seem to be in somewhat of a trance. If you are an expectant parent and a football fanatic, dive into this list of names derived from players in the AFC and NFC divisions. Your little sport will grow with a name that has become more famed throughout the years. Having a girl? Check out the list of names perfect for your powder-puff-to-be.

Ben (English): Form of Benjamin, meaning “son of the south; son of the right hand” -Ben Roethlisberger #7, Pittsburgh Steelers
Chris (Greek): Form of Christopher, meaning “one who bears Christ inside” -Chris Redman #8, Atlanta Falcons
Colin (Scottish): A young fiery man; form of Nicholas, meaning “of the victorious people” -Colin Kaepernick #7, San Francisco 49ers
Peyton (English): From the village of warriors -Peyton Manning #18, Indianapolis Colts
Aaron (Gaelic): Form of Erin, meaning “woman from Ireland” -Aaron Rodgers #12, Green Bay Packers
Kelly (Irish): A lively and bright-headed woman -Tommy Kelly #93, Oakland Raiders
McKenzie (Gaelic): Form of Mackenzie, meaning “daughter of a wise leader; a fiery woman; one who is fair” -Kareem McKenzie #67, New York Giants
Taylor (English): Cutter of cloth; one who alters garments -Jason Taylor #99, Miami Dolphins