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New Year Babies around the Nation

As we approach the second week of 2012, let’s take time to look back on the New Year. There were quite a few babies born within the wee hours of the morning New Years day and the list is finally out! Check out the names of the babies born state-by-state from midnight through the morning.


Akier (African): A brave man -12:18 a.m. Pennsylvania
Tucker (English): One who makes garments -12:00 a.m. Missouri
Wesley (English): From the Western meadow -12:20 a.m. Arkansas
Wyatt (English): Having the strength of a warrior -12:52 a.m. North Dakota


Adelyn (German): Of the nobility; serene; of good humor – 12:46 a.m. Kansas
Carolyn (Latin): Feminine form of Charles; a joyous song; a small, strong woman -12:02 a.m. Connecticut
Kristiana (English): Form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ” -12:03 a.m. Louisiana
Rania (Hebrew): A lovely singer; a queenly woman – 12:00 a.m. New York