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Baseball Hall of Fame Names





It’s baseball season! If you’ve already got children, practices and games might be coming to a close. But the MLB is still swinging, as are the plethora of little league commercials gracing television screens everywhere. There is something delightfully summery about baseball. Maybe it’s the contrast of the green grass to the dirt infield, or that it’s the first team many of us play on and make the initial mistake of running to third base first. Stadium food and the occasional crack of the bat help, too, of course.

Check out list of baseball names that will be a hit at the bottom of your son or daughter’s baseball card.

Sandy Koufax, 1972, Los Angeles Dodgers
Hank Aaron, 1982, Milwaukee Braves
Reggie Jackson, 1993, New York Yankees
Morgan Bulkeley, 1937, Hartford Dark Blues and National League’s first president
Tris Speaker, 1937, Cleveland Indians
Lou Gehrig, 1939, New York Yankees
Mel Ott, 1951, New York Giants
Willie Mays, 1979, San Francisco Giants
Tom Seaver, 1992, New York Mets
Denny, 1977, Grand Slam debut

With the exception of Tom and possibly Hank, babies of either gender could sport any of these names. But they’ll have some pretty big gloves to fill.