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Summer Names

Any season is the best season when babies are born. The months of anticipation leading up to that day will be like no other. Your son or daughter doesn’t need to be born during the summer to have a sunny season name, but if you are expecting a birthday during the hotter months, summer names might be at the top of your list.

Summer names are a good idea for parents wanting to choose names less likely to be repeated several times on classroom lists, but not so wild that they’ll make news headlines. Expecting parents can plan out a single syllable middle name as well to let your baby’s name pack a summer punch!
Here are our top summer names.
Dylan (Welsh): Son of the wave; Born near the sea
Sonny (English): Son
Caleb (Hebrew): Like the heart
Bradley (English): Broad clearing in the wood

Alondra (Spanish): Defender of mankind
Lily (English): Lily flower; Pure
Isabel (Hebrew): Devoted to God
Ella (French): Medieval name meaning “all”