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Friday the 13th – Names for Good Luck

Friday the 13th has a way of sneaking up on us. Even if you walk under ladders and think black cats are the cutest, an entire day rumored for bad luck is not a force to be reckoned with. Event planners, especially for weddings, report having to offer discounts to woo customers into the idea of a Friday the 13th event, though we speculate many wedding planners will still get the day off. You might not be the superstitious type, but who wouldn’t want a bit of extra good karma coming their baby’s way? Here is a list of names that will lead to a lifetime of happiness!

Maddox (Celtic): Benficient
Gil (Hebrew): Happiness
Asher (Hebrew): Filled with happiness
Hugh (German): Having a bright mind

Gwyneth (Welsh): Once who is blessed with happiness
Carol (English): A joyous song; A small strong woman
Mina (German): One who is greatly loved
Adrina (Italian): Having great happiness