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Popular Names in Sweden

Believe it or not, holidays and traditions are being celebrated world-wide in the month of November. Ever wonder what’s happening outside of the U.S. this holiday season? Scientists predict that Sweden will have a clear view of the breath taking Northern Lights this winter, the strongest the country has experienced in over fifty years. This occurrence makes a visit to Lapland, Sweden ideal this holiday season.

Mid-November of 2011 marks the beginning of dog sledding in Lapland. Dog Sledding in Lapland is based in the far north of Sweden, exactly 200km inside the Arctic Circle. If you have a love for travel, the great outdoors, and the Swedish culture, here are a few popular baby names prominent in Sweden that might interest you.


Filip (Greek): One who loves horses
Isak (Hebrew): Full of laughter
Lucas (English): A man from Lucania
Viktor (Latin): One who is victorious; the champion


Alva (Latin): One who has a fair complexion 
Klara (Scandinavian): Form of Carla, meaning “famously bright”
Linnea (Scandinavian): Resembling a small mountain flower; of the lime tree
Maja (Latin/Maori): The great one; in mythology, the goddess of spring/a brave warrior