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Celebrating National Parents as Teachers Day!

November 8th is National Parents as Teachers Day! If you are already a parent, take a few minutes out of your day to give your children a lesson on something exciting or important. If you are expecting a baby within the next few months take the time to learn something new about parenting which will benefit both you and baby.  If you have not yet chosen a name, consider these. Here are a few names of our favorite teachers that might interest you, taken from popular movies.


Charles (Germanic): Free man -Professor Charles Kingsfield-The Paper Chase
Freddy (German): Peaceful ruler; peace-keeper -Freddy Shoop- Summer School
Henry (Germanic): Home ruler -Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones, Jr. –Indiana Jones Movies
Trevor (Welsh): Large settlement-Trevor Garfield- 187


Hillary (Latin): Cheerful -Hillary Swank-Freedom Writers
Katherine (Greek): Pure -Katherine Ann Watson-Mona Lisa Smile
Lynn (English): Beautiful – Lynn Barber- An Education
Veronica (Greek): Victory bringer -Veronica Vaughn- Billy Madison