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End of the World Baby Names

Happy 12/21/21! If you’re reading this, that means the Internet still works! Since today is supposed to be the last day of the world, we’re covering zombie themed baby names. Aside from naming your baby names that pay homage to the Mayan calendar (Maya, Jeremiah), giving your baby a name from a real life (televised) zombie is the next best thing. We’ve put together a list of baby names from the most popular zombie shows and movies—how cool will being born on the end of the world be?

Dale (English): From the valley
Ben (English): Son of the south; Son of the right hand
Kenneth (Irish): Born of the fire; An attractive man
Riley (English): Rye clearing

Maggie (Greek): Pearl
Helen (Greek): The shining light; In mythology, Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world
Ana (Latin): A woman graced with god’s favor
Krista (Latin): Follower of Christ


Television Baby Names

Kids are usually the unsung stars of network television. Most have insignificant roles in family sitcoms, but some are a pivotal part of the cast’s dynamic. There are a few shows now, though, that feature kid’s roles that are just as important as their adult co-stars. NBC’s “The New Normal” features a precocious and interesting Shania, daughter of the surrogate mom-to-be. “Modern Family” has their own similarly styled character with Manny.

With each of these screen-perfect personalities is a name fitting for each character, and none ever seem too out of the blue. In honor of Shania, Manny and Luke, here are our favorite baby names inspired by television!

Amber (French): Resembling the jewel; A warm honey color
Haley (Greek): Woman of the sea
Shania (Hebrew): God is gracious
Sue (English): Lily

Axl (German/ Latin/ Hebrew): Source of life; small oak / Axe/ Peace
Manny (Spanish): Form of Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us”
Max  (Latin): Form of Maximillian, meaning “the greatest”
Drew (Welsh): One who is wise