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Baby Names Inspired by Television

We admit we’re a bit biased with enjoying this fall weather—it’s definitely a favorite. As if the cool weather and new wardrobe opportunities weren’t enough, all of the new TV show seasons are in full swing. Names on television shows always seem to have the right mix of modern and classic—it’s probably easier to name a character for a few seasons than it is for a baby’s entire life. But we can’t help consider some of the names we’ve heard already this season. Nothing too outlandish, nothing falling into the infamous –ayden or unique spelling trend.

“Arrow” doesn’t premiere until next week, but the superhero series features a regular cast that includes Oliver and Dinah—we really like both of those names. “The New Normal,” Ryan Murphy’s most recent comedy, introduces Goldie and Shania. Fan favorite “Dexter” had its highest-rated season opener ever this season—and the show’s namesake says it all.

The girls seem to have won this season when it comes to character names, sorry guys. Inspiration comes from everywhere when you’re trying to pick a baby name! Would you name your baby after a television show character?

Oliver (Latin): From the olive tree
Dexter (Latin): A right-handed man; One who is skillful

Dinah (Hebrew): One who is judged and vindicated; In the Bible, Jacob’s only daughter
Goldie (English): Resembling the precious metal
Shania (Native American): On my way


Names from Characters We Loved to Hate

If we had guide buttons back then, we’d probably have watched something else after reading the episode preview. Characters who created conflict on shows we loved—roles we loved to hate. They antagonized, bullied and were just plain annoying, but where would we be without them? If you’re trying to come up with baby names, you’ve probably already considered the names you grew up loving. We’re sure Patti Mayonnaise is somewhere high on your list. Here’s a few names you might want to stay away from—a list of characters from television shows that just plain drove us crazy!

Boys:                                                             Girls:
Torvald – Hey Arnold                                    Mackenzie – Rocket Power
Danny – Salute Your Shorts                         Jessica – Alex Mack
Artie – The Adventures of Pete and Pete     Beebe – Doug
Ferguson – Clarissa Explains it All                Debbie – The Wild Thornberries



Baby Names from Boy Meets World

Retro throwback! “Boy Meets World” was one of the more popular television shows during its time. It’s somewhat unsettling to learn that its official last episode aired in 2000—that was 12 years ago. The lives of the characters developed as they went through high school and eventually college, changing from young kids to young adults, and it all happened in seven seasons! In honor of one of our favorite television shows, here are some of our favorite baby names inspired by characters that made their way through John Adams High.

Cory (English): Hill; Hollow
Shawn (Irish): Form of John, meaning “god is gracious”
Eric (Scandinavian): Ever the ruler
Jonathan (Hebrew): A gift of god
Stuart (English): A steward; The keeper of the estate

Topanga (Native American): Where the mountain meets the sea
Theresa (Greek): A harvester
Morgan (Welsh): Circling the bright sea; A sea dweller
Angela (Greek): A heavenly messenger; An angel
Lauren (Latin): Crowned with laurel; From the laurel tree


Breaking Bad Inspired Names

“Breaking Bad” probably isn’t what your baby will be watching, but it might be one of your favorite shows. The show premiered its fifth season on July 15 to seemingly eager fans waiting to see what the series holds for Walter White. The show has won six Emmy Awards amongst other accolades for its writing, cinematography, and acting skills.

“Breaking Bad” more than likely won’t be on your baby’s television screen for years to come, but when your son or daughter asks where their name came from, you can direct him or her to the series on DVD—if DVDs still exist.

Walter (German): The commander of the army
Jesse (Hebrew): God exists; a gift from god; God sees all
Hank (English): Form of Henry, meaning “the ruler of the house”

Moira (Celtic): Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea/from the sea of bitterness”
Skyler (English): One who is learned; A scholar
Michelle (French): Feminine form of Michael; Who is like god?