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Tennis Names for Future Stars





Andy Murray delivered an emotional speech on July 8 as his efforts for winning at Wimbledon came to a close. Losing against Roger Federer is noble in its own, and Murray gave it his all, even outplaying Federer in the early stages of the match. His heart didn’t go unnoticed. News reports of the final results flooded in, with many focusing on the character Murray displayed as he gave his defeated speech. We’ll get to see both players on the courts again as they fight for gold during the 2012 Olympics, and after Andy’s emotional speech, who couldn’t help but cheer for him just a little louder?

In honor of both Murray and Federer, here is a list of baby names inspired by tennis greatness.

Nicolás (Greek): One of the victorious people
Fernando (German): Variant of Ferdinand: Brave traveler
Mardy (Latin): Dedicated to Mars, the god of war
Roger (German): A famous spearman
Simon (Hebrew): God has heard
Andrew (Greek): Manly; A warrior

Elena (Spanish): Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Alicia (German): Woman of the nobility, truthful, having high moral character
Justine (Latin): Feminine form of Justin; One who is just and upright
Amélie (French): Had working; Industrious; Striving
Serena (Latin): Having peaceful disposition
Anabel (English): Variant of Amabel, meaning “one who is lovable”