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To Theme or Not to Theme?

Baby names come in all shapes and sizes. Biblical names, trendy names, or words translated into names. If you already have one child with a classic name, can you give the new baby a more modern moniker? Lots of parents like to match names between siblings, whether it’s style, initial or meaning. But if you’ve already got a Daniel at home, is it not fair to name his little brother Zayn? Opinions change, and you might fall in love with a different type of name than you did the first time around. Would you let it impact your decision?

We don’t think names have to match completely, as long as the kids involved won’t have a difficult time from how the names differ. Here is our list of unique baby names of all sorts!

Apollo (Greek): In mythology, the god of music, archery and poetry
Edgar (English): A powerful and wealthy spearman
Jake (English): Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Preston (English): From the priest’s town

Rory (Gaelic): The red queen
Nadia (Slavic): One who is full of hope
London (English): From the capital of England
Halima (Arabic): A mild-mannered woman; One who is gentle


Will You Choose Themed Baby Names?

Deciding a baby name is difficult, but how do you go about names for future children? Many parents develop a theme, whether intentionally or not. There are some sets of siblings with first names denoting the same initial or names that have a similar sound. Some parents think that after naming two children with “J” letter names, the third child would feel left out without having a moniker that follows suit.

For the most part, it seems like most parents choose names that flow well with other siblings. There’s definitely a naming style parents seem to follow. Whether it’s all quirky or all common, will you plan on naming your children with a theme?

Today, we’re giving you a list of names beginning with the letter “T,” in case similar initials are your names of choice!

Tanner (English): One who makes leather
Truman (English): One who is loyal
Travis (French): To cross over
Tag (Irish): Handsome

Talia (Hebrew/ Greek): Morning dew from heaven/ Blooming
Teva (Hebrew): Child of nature/ A twin
Toni (English): Form of Antoinette, meaning “priceless and highly praiseworthy; A flourishing flower”
Tyler (English): Tiler of roofs


Theme Baby Names

Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom and Buddy Bear. These are the names of television chef Jamie Oliver and his wife, former model Juliette Norton. What do you think of theme names for families with multiple children? It’s common to see children taking names of friends and family, or each child earning an initial from mom or dad, but the Oliver family has definitely made a pattern with the names chosen for their four kids.

They’re not the only celebrity couple to go public with a set of similar names—Kim Zolciak’s khildren children have names beginning with the letter “K.” Kash Kade was born earlier this year in August, while 1-year-old Kroy Jagger was named after his football player dad, Kroy Biermann.

So, are theme names for you?

Here is a list of names we think would fit well with the Oliver family—in case they need any recommendations!


Boys:                                         Girls:
Billy Robin                               Bluebell Aven
Gibbon Junior                         Lily Rose
Louie Lynx                              Ginger Spice
Denny Ray                              Holly Sage