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Fabulous Fifties Names for a February Baby

The 1950’s were iconic and classy, refined but edgy, and altogether unforgettable. Elvis Presley’s music had teenage women across the nation in a frenzy, and the introduction of plastic toys such as dolls and figurines after WWII gave children something to smile about. Thank the heavens for television and other advances in technology like the polio vaccine invented by Jonas Salk in 1955 given to over 7 million Americans.

If you are expecting a child within the month of February and looking for a classy and traditional name for your soon-to-be, consider these names that were popular in the 1950’s.


David (Hebrew): The beloved one
James (Hebrew): Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Richard (English): A powerful ruler
Robert (German): One who is bright with fame


Karen (Greek): Form of Katherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal”
Linda (Spanish): One who is soft and beautiful
Nancy (English): Form of Ann, meaning “a woman graced with God’s favor”
Susan (Hebrew): Form of Susannah, meaning “resembling a graceful white Lily”


Timeless Baby Names

Its funny how the simple things in life are the most memorable, isn’t it? Today, October 12th, 2011 would have been the 90th birthday of Art Clokey, creator of the American classic clay character Gumby. Although Gumby is known by most as a green clay figurine with a yellow smile, there is much more to the story behind the character than what is initially seen. If you are a fan of this timeless character, consider these names which are timeless as well.


Benjamin (Hebrew): Son of the south; son of the right hand

Jeremiah (Hebrew): One who is exalted by the Lord

Nicholas (Greek): Of the victorious people

Noah (Hebrew): A peaceful wanderer


Isabel (Spanish): Form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful”

Julia (Latin): One who is youthful; daughter of the sky

Mary (Latin/Hebrew): Star of the sea/from the sea of bitterness

Sarah (Hebrew): Princess; lady; in the Bible, wife of Abraham