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Baby Name Trends

How are you choosing a baby name? Internet searches, family recommendations, or are you looking in books and magazines to find out what the most popular monikers are right now? There’s undoubtebly been the phase of –aden names, must have middle names, and just try finding a popular name for baby girls that doesn’t end with the letter “a.” Baby name trends are just like any other trend, except what’s popular now might not hold the test of time as your baby ages. We all probably know someone with a name we can’t imagine passing on to our own children. How do you avoid finding your baby in the same position? Classic names that never seem to go out of style, or a unique title that doesn’t need to stand the test of time to define it? Here are some of our favorite popular baby name picks that we think are unique, but not too unique!

Elliot (English): Form of Elijah, meaning “Jehovah is my god”
Levi (Hebrew): We are united as one; in the Bible, one of Jacob’s sons
Edward (English): A wealthy protector
Griffin (Latin): Having a hooked nose

Phoebe (Greek): A bright, shining woman; In mythology, another name for the goddess of the moon
Quinn (German): Woman who is queenly
Eloise (Latin): Form of Louisa, meaning “a famous warrior”
Alison (Irish): Honest


Yearly Naming Trends

Baby names, like any other trend, ebb and flow. What was popular a few years ago might be worn out by now, but uncommon names now might be the regular by 2015. There will always be critics for or against, but as long as you’re not planning on naming your baby something like “Pineapple,” there will be pros and cons for every possibility. “Christopher” was ranked #10 by the Social Security Administration in 2005, moved up to #9 by 2008, but dropped down to #21 in 2011. “Mia” has progressed from ranking as #17 in 2005 up to #9 in 2011. Will “Mia” continue to rise, or drop back down in the next few years? It’s difficult to predict, but as long as your child comes from a loving home, they’ll make the name you choose work. But we must admit, “Pineapple” might be difficult!

Here are some names that ranked lowest out of the top 25—maybe they’ll be at the top next year?

Benjamin (Hebrew): Son of the south; Son of the right hand
Nathan (Hebrew): Form of Nathaniel, meaning “a gift from god”
Logan (Gaelic): From the little hollow
Andrew (Greek): Manly; A warrior

Evelyn (German): A birdlike woman
Taylor (English): Cutter of cloth; One who alters garments
Hailey (English): From the field of hay
Natalie (Latin): Born on Christmas Day; Refers to Christ’s birthday


Groundhog Day Season Predictions

People in Washington D.C. gathered early yesterday morning to be the first to witness the groundhogs winter predictions. For those residing in the Northeast, these predictions could be made much earlier than February 2nd as to what the winter would bring, having had little to no winter at all.

If you are expecting a child within the next few months, consider spring inspired baby names in hopes that the warmer weather will come a little earlier this year.


Avery (English): One who is a wise ruler; of nobility
Cole (English): Having dark features; having coal-black hair
Marlon (Resembling a little hawk
Ryan (Gaelic): The little ruler; little king


April (English): Opening buds of spring; born in the month of April
Juliet (Latin): One who is youthful; daughter of the sky
Kalani (Hawaiian): From the heavens
Mae (Latin): Born during the month of May; form of Mary meaning “Star of the sea/from the sea of bitterness”


National Opposite Day

January 25th is National Opposite Day! Today, go beyond the norm and do something opposite of what you normally would. If you are expecting and in need of a restful day, take a break from making dinner or running errands—do what you wouldn’t normally do and spend a few hours reading your favorite book or watching a movie.

In honor of National Opposite Day, here are a few baby names are opposite of each other, making the combination fun for an expectant little brother, sister, or twins!


Chase (English): A huntsman
Jake (English): Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Lane (English): One who takes the narrow path
Ryan (Gaelic): Little ruler; little king


Blake (English): A dark beauty
Grace (Latin): Having God’s favor
Lauren (French): Form of Laura, meaning “crowned with laurel; from the laurel tree”
Riley (Gaelic): From the rye clearing; a courageous woman

Pair 1: Chase & Grace
Pair 2: Jake & Blake
Pair 3: Lane & Lauren
Pair 4: Ryan & Riley


2012 Trends: Hot Comebacks and Royal Names

The start of 2012 has yet to arrive but the top baby names of the upcoming year have! How is that so? Although it cannot be said which names have made a comeback without the year actually beginning, Parenting Magazine does predict a few of the potential baby name trends for the start of the new year.

Does it come as any surprise that the hot royalty duo made their mark on the new baby name trend, or that those once popular names are making a comeback?  

Great Kate: 2012 Trend

Elizabeth (Hebrew): My God is bountiful
Henry (German): The ruler of the house
James (Hebrew): Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
John (Hebrew): God is gracious; in the Bible, one of the Apostles
Kate (Greek): Form of Catherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal”
Liam (Gaelic): Form of William, meaning “the determined protector”
Pippa (English): Form of Philipa, meaning “a friend of horses”
William (German): The determined protector

Tried and True: 2012 Trend

Andrew (Greek): Manly; a warrior
Jennifer (Welsh): One who is fair; a beautiful girl
Matthew (Hebrew): A gift from God
Michael (Hebrew): Who is like God?
Rachel (Hebrew): The innocent lamb; in the Bible, Jacob’s wife
Sarah (Hebrew): Princess; lady; in the Bible, wife of Abraham

Check back with the Baby Name Registry tomorrow to get your fill on more of the upcoming trendy names of 2012.


Shortened Names

In lieu of the many shortened work weeks and a short amount of time until the upcoming year, here are a few shortened names that are sure to sound great for your soon-to-be. If you are expecting a child and have yet to find that perfect name, check out this list of names that are unique, easy to remember, and trendy!


Al (German): Short for Albert, meaning “One who is noble and bright”
Jay (Latin/Sanskrit): Resembling a jaybird/one who is victorious
Lee (English): From the meadow
Tye (English): From the fenced-in pasture


Ali (Arabic): Short for Allison; the great one; one who is exalted
Bri (Irish): Short of Brianna; feminine form of Brian; from the high hill; one who ascends
Lea (English): From the meadow
Mia (Israeli/Latin): Feminine form of Michael; who is like God?


Unisex Baby Names

Many couples choose to keep the sex of their baby-to-be a secret until he or she is born. This is not only exciting for the parents but for family and friends as well. It is also a smart idea for a couple expecting more than one child because the clothing and accessories given to the mother at the baby shower can be used for pregnancies in the future.

If you are expecting a child and are not yet sure of the babies gender but would like to start coming up with possible names, here are a few unisex baby names that might interest you. These names can be used for both boys and girls no matter what the outcome may be.


Avery (English): One who is a wise ruler; of the nobility
Bailey (English): From the courtyard within castle walls; a public official
Casey (Irish): One who is alert; watchful
Harley (English): From the meadow of the hares
Jerry (Greek): Holy; having great strength
Morgan (Welsh): Circling the bright sea; a sea dweller
Regan (Gaelic): Born into royalty; the little ruler
Taylor (English): One who alters garments


Start Your Own Trend

If you are a soon-to-be mommy in need of a name for your child, here are a few names that might interest you in honor of November 22nd. Today is National Start Your Own Country Day so be encouraged to name your child something bold, something unique, because you never know if he/she will make history books one day!


Angus (Celtic): One choice
Easton (English): East settlement
Liam (German): Will helmet; protection
Quentin (Latin): Fifth


Dominique (French): Lord
Harper (Old English): Harpist, minstrel
Quinn (Irish): Counsel
Sidney (Old English): Wide island