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Baby Names Quite Opposite of an April Fool

For a baby born in April, the last thing you will want people to do is compare your child to a fool. Choosing a name with nearly impossible spelling and pronunciation will not only sound foolish, it will be difficult for your child to learn. Simple is boring unless it is done correctly. The best sounding names are sometimes the ones with least amount of syllables and letters. The list below is simplistic yet intrinsic and will inherently grow with your child throughout the years.


Alex (English): Form of Alexander, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”
Dustin (English/German): From a dusty area/a courageous warrior
Owen (Gaelic): Form of Eugene, meaning “a wellborn man”
Sean (Irish): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”


Carla (Latin): Feminine form of Carl; a free woman
Kimberly (English): Of the royal fortress
Layla (Arabic): Dark
Sara (Hebrew): Princess; lady; in the Bible, wife of Abraham