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Movers and Shakers


Every year the Social Security Administration releases its list of the top baby names given in the United States. As you would imagine, many are classic favorites, but every year some new ones appear on the list, or move up in popularity, and there seems to be a correlation with popular culture and the new names. This year it seems that our collective love affair with all that is vampires has starkly influenced the list with many names from Twilight making first time appearances. There also some oldies but goodies beginning to reappear. Here is a list of some of the new comers and big climbers.
Bentley (English)—Bent grass field
Kellan (Irish)—Descendant of the Brightheaded One
Knox (English)—Small hill
Enzo (Italian)—Short form of Lorenzo
Karter (English)—Driver of a cart
Easton (English)—From an east town
Rhys (Welsh)–Running
Damon (Greek)—To tame
Greyson (English)—Son of Grey haired man
Dexter (English)—Dyer of clothes
Maci (English)—Derived from Matthew
Guiliana (Italian)—Young
Tiana (Russian)–Short form of Tatiana
Quinn (Scottish)—Counsel
Adalynn (American English)—Modified
Kinley (Irish)—Fair haired Viking
Gia (Italian)—“God is gracious”
Scarlet (English)—Red
Kenley (English)—Kings Meadow
Aria (Greek)–Ariadne