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J.U.N.E Acronym for Naming Your Baby

Today is Friday, June 1st, 2012 and what a beautiful day it is for those of you residing in the North East. In fact, New York City temperatures this week are expected to be a bit cooler than normal which will be a nice change of pace.

Take advantage of the day and find something new and exciting to do since the temperatures are more bearable for an expectant mommy. If you are having trouble choosing a name for your little one, check out the names below and use this method with just about any word, name or month that is special to you.

Here is a list of names derived from the letters in the month of June.

Jada (American): Jade stone
Urban (Latin): Boy from the city
Nadia (Russian): Hope
Eli (Hebrew): One who is elevated; who is like God?


J-A-N-U-A-R-Y Baby Names

The month of January in itself could be a beautiful name for your soon-to-be baby girl but a few select names that form the word “January” have the same stunning effect. Check out this list of names that forms the acronym “January.”

J: Jacqueline (French): Feminine form of Jacques; the supplanter
A: Arabella (Latin): An answered prayer; beautiful alter
N: Nolan (Gaelic): A famous and noble man; a champion of the people
U: Uma (Hindi): Mother; in mythology, the goddess of beauty and sunlight
A: Aaron (Hebrew): One who is exalted; from the mountain of strength
R: Russell (French): A little red-haired boy
Y: Yareli (American): The lord is my light