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Obscure Baby Names

Happy Election Day! Today marks the official end of political ads, phone calls and debates—hopefully. Regardless of whom you’re voting for, the important part is getting out there to vote! We already posted names we can imagine seeing on future ballots, but what about names that wouldn’t work? Do you think unique baby names stray too far from being politically acceptable? Imagine billboards with first names like Cong or Dagwood; do you think those names could get votes?

It all depends on the candidate, of course, but there are some names we can’t imagine seeing in the polls.

Debythis (American): An unusual man
Egbert (English): One who wields a brilliant sword
Axel (German/ Latin/ Hebrew): Source of life; Small oak/ axe/ peace
Badger (American): A difficult man

Zeppelina (English): Born during a beautiful storm
Pebbles (American): Resembling a small rock
Misty (American): Covered with dew; Of the mists
Himalaya (American): Woman from the mountains


Funk-tastic Baby Names

That’s right, we said it! Parents who are not afraid to think outside of the box for naming their child are few and far between. Here is a list of “funk-tastic” baby names, brought to you by the We hope you enjoy and as we always say, inspiration for choosing a name can come from just about anywhere!


Blaze (Latin/American): Form of Blaise, meaning “a fiery man”

[Parents: Before jumping to conclusions and automatically crossing this off of your list of possibilities—consider this name paired with the middle name Alexander: Blaze Alexander. Not only does it sound masculine, it is also very powerful and strong.]

Jax (English): Form of Jackson, meaning “the son of Jack of John”
Levi (Hebrew): We are united as one; in the Bible, one of Jacob’s sons
Zander (Slavic): Helper and defender of mankind


Aspen (English): From the Aspen tree
Gwendolyn (Welsh): One who is fair; of the white ring
Harlie (English): Form of Harley, meaning “from the meadow of the Hares”
Tullia (Irish): One who is peaceful