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Androgynous Baby Names

Unisex names or androgynous names have become a regular occurrence in the baby name world. Do you think a child’s name needs to evidently reflect a gender? It’s become more and more common in the United States to give children names that blur the line of devoted boy names and devoted girl names, but other countries might still hold on to the gender-specific tradition. Andy (Andrea) Carmichael was part of the main cast in the 1985 cult-classic The Goonies. Angel, played by David Boreanaz, made his “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” debut in 1997. Both in current media and in the lives of everyday people, neutral names are increasing with popularity. Here is our list of androgynous baby names!

Taylor               Aubrey
Chris                 Lane
Avery                Carson
Danny               Peyton
Ashley              Jesse


Unisex Baby Names

Many couples choose to keep the sex of their baby-to-be a secret until he or she is born. This is not only exciting for the parents but for family and friends as well. It is also a smart idea for a couple expecting more than one child because the clothing and accessories given to the mother at the baby shower can be used for pregnancies in the future.

If you are expecting a child and are not yet sure of the babies gender but would like to start coming up with possible names, here are a few unisex baby names that might interest you. These names can be used for both boys and girls no matter what the outcome may be.


Avery (English): One who is a wise ruler; of the nobility
Bailey (English): From the courtyard within castle walls; a public official
Casey (Irish): One who is alert; watchful
Harley (English): From the meadow of the hares
Jerry (Greek): Holy; having great strength
Morgan (Welsh): Circling the bright sea; a sea dweller
Regan (Gaelic): Born into royalty; the little ruler
Taylor (English): One who alters garments