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Summer Vacation Inspiration

Carrying your child during the hot summer months can be a bit difficult. Naming your child can prove to be just as hard when your attention is pulled in many different directions. From decorating your new nursery to planning a baby shower and preparing for the hospital stay, finding a name might be last on your list. If you or someone you know is planning a summer vacation during the next few months, consider choosing a name from a place that you plan to travel or have traveled to.

Let’s start with the state of Virginia and all that the land of lovers has to offer:


Craig (Scottish/Gaelic): Rock; rocky; originally a Scottish surname
Giles (Latin): Defender; shield-bearer; one who carries a shield made of goatskin
Kent (Old English): The edge
Warren (English): Watchman; park warden


Bristol (English): Meeting place by the bridge
Louisa (German): Famous warrior
Surry (Hebrew): Form of Sarah, meaning “red rose” or “Princess”
Virginia (Latin): Spring-like, flourishing

[What would Virginia baby names be without the inspiration of the actual name, Virginia]?