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Do You Worry About Your Baby’s Résumé?

Baby names are more than decorating a nursery. It’s the name your child will be known by from family and friends, in day care and on the school bus—it’s the name that will shape your child’s personality.  Whether you want your kid to have a free-spirited moniker like Izzy or a regal sounding title like Alexander, it will eventually be the name appearing at the top of your son or daughter’s future résumé.

Are you concerned about giving your child a name that might not sound professional, or do you think a unique baby name will help your kid’s résumé stand out from the crowd? Maybe in 20 years, your child’s name won’t even be considered abnormal!

Here’s our list of names that fit either category—there are no résumé winners or losers.

Michael (Hebrew): Who is like god?
Axel (German/ Latin/ Hebrew): Source of life; Small oak/ axe/ peace
Bear (English): Bear
Jerald (English): Form of Gerard, meaning “one who is mighty with a spear”

Melina (Greek): As sweet as honey
Sapphire (Arabic/ English): One who is beautiful/ A precious gem
Pippa (Greek): Lover of horses
Snow (American): Frozen rain


Words that Sound like Baby Names

You’ve met baby Hashtag, now it’s time to be introduced to Famish. We kid—we don’t know of any babies named Famish, but it does sound like a name, doesn’t it? Have you ever come across a word that sounds like it would make a wonderful name, if only it didn’t have a horrible meaning? Words like “Malaria” or “quilt” are a couple that come to mind. Names for medications are probably high on the list, too. Just ask baby Allegra.

We put together a list of words that sound like they would make great baby names, until you look them up!

Immure – Imprison
Abstruse – Difficult to comprehend
Hiatus – An interruption in time or continuity
Nemesis – One that inflicts retribution or vengeance
Baroque – Characterized by grotesqueness, extravagance, complexity or flamboyance
Dismal – Depressing; Dreary


Meet Baby Hashtag

We’ve heard plenty of reports of parents giving their babies names from popular culture. Movie and book releases tend to result in a surge of similarly named babies named after famous characters. We’ve even heard of a woman campaigning for Twitter users to help her name her son—but what about naming your baby after Twitter? Apparently, one mom decided that was the route to take and named her baby girl “Hashtag.” You know, the phrase most of us use to classify an event that just happened, or the symbol affixed to a tweet about anything?

At first, it seems like maybe the mom posting about her baby spelled out the word “hashtag” but actually meant to use it like a tweet. On Facebook. But that would make her baby girl’s name “Jameson,” which is generally masculine, as well as what appears to be the mom’s last name. So, it’s possible that Hashtag’s name is in fact, “Hashtag.”

As a tribute to Hashtag, we put together a list of other social media and Internet names we could see joining her in uncharted baby name history.

Yahoo – because no one uses Bing
Lulza – like “Lola,” but funnier
MeMe – BFFs with NeNe Leakes
Gif Tumblr – Short first and middle name combination, but very moving
Retweet – Best if saved for a middle kid

If nothing else, these kids will be nearly impossible to Google.