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Winter Baby Names

Baby, it’s cold outside! Much of us are enduring the coldest of winter right now. Freezing temperatures and even below zero have been the norm, along with snow falling and frost covered windshields. Winter baby names have always been some of our favorites. They’re usually part of the unique baby names lists, as they have a different sound than a common Timothy or Danielle. Not that there is anything wrong with Timothy and Danielle! If you’re expecting a baby soon, you’re probably looking forward to holding your little one warm and close. Here is our list of winter baby names you can both cuddle up to! 

North (English): A man from the north
Jack (English): Form of John, meaning “god is gracious”
Aspen (American): From the aspen tree
Asher (Hebrew): Filled with happiness

Crystal (Greek): Resembling clear, sparkling brilliant glass
Holly (English): Of the holly tree
Noel (French): Born at Christmastime
Jane (Hebrew): Feminine form of John; God is gracious