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European Baby Names

If there is one trend many parents seem to follow, it’s giving their baby a unique and special name. There is nothing wrong with the names we commonly hear, but it seems more and more parents are looking for a baby name that will be special to their own son or daughter. Why not look overseas for the perfect name you’ve been waiting for? Foreign names are excellent to discover for parents who want a unique name, but nothing too over the top. Here are some of our favorite picks for European baby names that will be trés chic, che bello, and proper brilliant!

Alphonse (German): Prepared for battle; Eager and ready
Jacques (French): Supplanter; He grasps the heel
Angelo (Itlaian): Messenger of god
Ethan (Hebrew): One who is firm and steadfast

Lucia (Italian): Italian variant of Lucy, meaning “one who is illuminated”
Carla (Latin): Feminine form of Carl; A free woman
Audrey (English): Woman with noble strength
Grace (Latin): Having god’s favor; in mythology, the Graces were the personification of beauty, charm and grace


What’s in a Name?

Many parents overlook the meaning and origin of their child’s name. But, if you are finding it difficult to pick that perfect name for your soon-to-be, consider really looking into the meaning of the names that you like. One suggestion is to search meanings on Google, which may lead you to the perfect name. If you are Greek, Spanish, or Italian and hope to give your child a name that gives credit to your heritage, search baby names by origin.

Here is a list compiled of names from around the world with a variety of different meanings.


Artem (Russian): Energetic
Conor (Irish): Hound-lover
Dominique (French): One who belongs to the Lord
Nicolas (Spanish): People of victory


Filipa (Portuguese): Lover of horses
Kamya (African): Born after twin boys
Lilija (Icelandic): Form of Lily
Malena (Danish): Pet form of Magdalena